Miracle Man!

As a frequent business traveler to Tokyo over the past several years, I sometimes suffer from acute lower back pain associated with long international flights, hectic meeting schedules and overall stress. This recurrent back pain makes it difficult for me to get around and even stand up straight.


I usually go to Roppongi Chiropractic wadding, hunched over, and in extreme discomfort. However, after 45 minutes of treatment, I leave the office walking normally and free of pain. He truly works magic for me!


Mr.Hirata’s English is reasonably good, and he has created a phrase book which he uses to make sure I completely understand his questions and comments.


In summery, I strongly recommend Roppongi Chiropractic to anyone who is in need of immediate relief from back pain. Go see Hirata-san and you will be happy you did. He is a true professional.


Tracy Lee Brown